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Polymer Technologies and their team have been providing EOR/IOR gel polymer applications and services since 1989. 


We specialize in Water Shut Off, Conformance, Vertical Profile Modification as well as Casing Leak, Annular Gel systems and MIT/H5 applications.  We also offer applications for improved wettability, improved injectivity as well as clay stabilization applications. 


Polymer Technologies is proud to serve the oil and gas industry and we look forward to continuing to provide real solutions that significantly reduce operating costs and increase hydrocarbon recovery.


Our team is well versed in candidate selection, project design and field implementation of each of these treatments.  Polymer Technologies utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, knowledgeable field technicians, and highly experienced technical team to bring real IOR solutions to the oilfield that yield greater oil and gas recovery and reduce LOE.


Our team works directly with operators to high-grade their producing assets that will yield the best rate of return.  


Randy Prater

President and Founder

Randy is an established leader in providing superior polymer gel services.

Randy Prater has worked with hundreds of clients who stay committed to Polymer because of unparalleled expertise, customer service, and proven results.

A Permian Basin customer stated “Randy is a polymer gel expert. For my money, there is no one else I would trust on any of my wells.”


Daniel French

Vice President of IOR Solutions

Daniel French focuses on building client relationships by identifying opportunities to improve asset performance and economics. Daniel actively seeks to expand product and service offerings to stimulate growth opportunities for our customers.

Prior to joining our team, Daniel spent time in the E&P space, where he assisted with growth and optimization and became familiar with common customer challenges. 


Mehdi Salehi Ph.D.

Reservoir Engineer

Dr. Mehdi Salehi, Reservoir Engineer. Mehdi will be responsible for the selection and engineering design of water shut-off, conformance, and tertiary oil recovery applications.

He has authored/co-authored more than 30 technical papers focusing on topics, such as EOR/IOR, fluid-fluid and rock-fluid interactions, interfacial phenomena and wettability, unconventional reservoirs, multiphase flow and transport phenomena, and more.


Tristan Houser

Vice President of Operations

Tristan is an emerging expert in the polymer gel solutions space. His experience working for companies both large and small paired with an extensive knowledge of field operations make Tristan a valuable asset to the Polymer Technologies team.

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